The door swings both ways on primary election day

Anyone may vote in the Primary Election, either the Democratic or Republican Party ballot.  Voters may declare OR change their political party affiliation at the polls on Election Day.  Voters will be given the ballot with either Democratic candidates or the ballot with the Republican candidates. 


If a voter declares or changes their affiliation on Election Day, the voters’ registration record will be changed to that party affiliation.  If they want to change back after they vote, they must do so after Election Day by sending in a written notice, a registration form, or their voter ID card.

This means that Republicans can cross over and vote for Democrats on election day, Democrats can cross over and vote for Republicans, and No Partys/Greens/Libertarians can cross over and vote for Democrats or Republicans.  Just remember, you can’t cross back until June 4th or thereafter.

For other information on the primary election, go to Information Relating to the June 2008 Primary Election.

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