Switching parties to vote in the primary?

About 75% of the absentee ballots being cast are by Democrats, which made me wonder how many voters have switched parties since absentee ballots became available on April 24th. Using a report in I-Voters, our state-wide voter registration system, I reviewed the number of voters who have changed parties from the time absentee ballots have been available through 11am today. I found:

46 Democrats changed to Republicans;

95 No Parties changed to Rs;

141 Rs changed to Ds;

271 NPs changed to Ds;

73 Ds changed to NPs;

55 Rs changed to NPs;

2 Ds changed to Libertarian or Green;

2 NPs changed to Ls or Gs;

0 Rs changed to Ls or Gs; and

1 L or G changed to an L or G.

Although several of these changes could be from absentee voting activities, some voters may be changing their party preference based upon other factors.

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