35% or more required for nomination

We have two 3-way races today, i.e., between Supervisor – District 2 Democrats (Kevin J Lynch, Linda Langston, and Bernita D Rozinek) and between Supervisor – District 3 Republicans (Randy S Oakley,
Jesse A Arenas II, and Eric Rosenthal).

If no candidate receives thirty-five percent or more of the votes cast, then the primary election is inconclusive (Code of Iowa 43.52). In the case of county supervisors elected by district, the delegates to the respective party’s county convention who represent the precincts lying within the district shall determine the party’s nominee (Code of Iowa 43.78[1e]).

The county chairperson is responsible for re-convening the county convention, i.e., Jim Conklin for the Republican Party and Diane Hoffmann for the Democratic Party.

If you attended your precinct caucus and you were elected to go to your party’s county convention, then you also picked up this duty … and it’s an important duty.

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