The complete list of 2008 write-in candidates

Members of my staff (Sarah and Marva) scoured the tally books after the 2008 election and compiled the names of the write-in candidates for each office on the ballot.  The names are listed within an Excel spreadsheet, which means you can sort it in any manner you choose.

I’m providing this information to ensure transparency in the elections process.  If you see any errors or omissions, e.g., you swear you wrote in a name and it’s not listed – please provide the details and I will investigate.

Please – no anonymous requests.  If I’m going to expend taxpayer funds to investigate, I need to know I’m dealing with a real person with a credible request.

The spreadsheet is posted at

To find my other posts on write-in candidates, use the search function on the right and search for the word “write-in”.

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