Linn County convicts 10 of election misconduct

From time to time, especially just before an election, we receive inquiries on what happens to voters who might take advantage of Iowa’s election day registration laws. For example, the thought is that a voter might go to one precinct and vote and then go to another precinct and vote a second ballot. Or they request an absentee ballot be sent to their home in Texas – mark the ballot and mail it back to us – and then show up at another precinct on election day and via election day registration laws vote a second ballot. I’m unaware of anyone in Linn County voting two ballots for the same election.

After the November 2008 election, some voters were charged with election misconduct because they voted when they should not have voted, e.g., they lost their right to vote and it had not been restored at the time they voted.

I searched Iowa Courts Online and found ten convictions for election misconduct:

06571 FECR081426
06571 FECR081524
06571 FECR082300
06571 FECR082294
06571 FECR081306
06571 FECR081309
06571 FECR081310
06571 FECR081313
06571 FECR081312
06571 FECR081397

And three cases pending action:

06571 FECR081398
06571 FECR081305
06571 FECR081308

I’m hoping the publicity, if any, of the convictions will discourage people from voting when they should NOT be voting.

And I’m hoping those that have the right to vote will take the time to become educated on the candidates/issues and that they will then exercise their right to vote.

The next election is on Tuesday, September 8th. The polls in Linn County are open from Noon to 8pm. Please make voting a priority in your life.

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