Why don’t people vote survey

Only half of the registered voters in Cedar Rapids Precinct #6 have voted in an election since 12/31/2007.  I want to know why the people of CR06 don’t vote so I’ve been conducting face-to-face interviews with people who live in and/or work in or very near to CR06.

I’m not ready to release my survey results because I would like to interview close to 100 people, but I will share with you the responses I’ve been receiving.

I’m interested in knowing which responses surprise you?  Which one do you think is the most popular?

Why don’t people in this neighborhood vote?  Here are the responses as of 8/24/2010:

Afraid to vote.
Don’t know how to mark the ballot
Don’t like the people running
Don’t think it matters or no point or no change when they vote
Don’t trust politicians or government
Don’t want to take the time to vote
Drunks or drug users
I hate Iowa – I don’t like it here – I don’t vote
Ignorant / stupid
Lack of education on the issues – not knowledgeable
Lots of felons
Renters or “Low rent” or low income
Mayor, Council, and City do not support this area
No difference in politicians – one or the other will steal from you
No one sees the importance of voting
OK with the status quo
People are depressed and they have given up hope
People are lazy
People are moving in from out of state
People don’t care
People don’t pay attention or don’t read/watch/hear the news
People don’t realize/appreciate the power of voting
People focused on day-to-day problems – no time to look to future
Politicians do not want our opinions
Politicians have made a profession out their jobs
Politicians only care for the special interests
Unemployed and they have to walk everywhere
Voting is not instilled in people anymore
Why vote for a liar?
Young people don’t care


3 comments on “Why don’t people vote survey

  1. December 22, 2010 jrozendaal

    I found this post very interesting. The one that surprised me most was “Drunks or drug users”. I’m curious how this survey was administered that you would come up with such self deprecating admissions.

    It appears that the general theme is that many people don’t trust politicians, and think that voting doesn’t make any difference.

    I know the 2010 election is over now, but how would you address some of these concerns in order to garner a greater voter turnout? Do you think things can be done, or is it a waste of time to try change the opinions/actions of non-voters?

    • December 22, 2010 lcauditor

      The survey was administered as I indicated in the post, i.e., face-to-face interviews with people in public places. I tried to write down the first thing people said after I posed the question.

      I agree with your second paragraph.

      To address the apathy, I think elected officials have to do something illogical, i.e., spend time meeting, talking, and listening to people who may never vote for them or anyone. We are suppose represent all the people – not just the ones who go to the polls. And while spending time with the non-voting public may lead to our ouster on election day, maybe that unselfish act will inspire the non-voters to become engaged.

      Leadership by example and “walking the talk” are simple concepts that are universally understood by the public. Practicing it on a daily basis seems to be a concept that eludes some of my peers and leads to the voter apathy illustrated by the survey results. I’ll do my part. That’s all that I can control.

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