Working together: Examples of partnerships occurring under my leadership

My opponents allege that I do not work well with other County offices and departments. I say to them, where is your proof?

Under my leadership:

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors: First Deputy Auditor Becky Shoop continues to take the minutes of the Board meetings as she has done since I was elected Auditor. I think the Board members would agree that Becky is an asset to the Board with her institutional knowledge of County operations. Becky is meticulous in recording the minutes and maintaining the Board’s official files.

Elections Services: We have continued an informal arrangement with Story and Black Hawk counties which gave us volume discount pricing on our last voting machine purchases and which will likely give us some leverage in future negotiations for voting machines.

We provided mapping support to the Linn County Temporary Redistricting Commission at no additional cost to the County and worked closely with the Linn County Attorney and the Board’s Director of Policy & Administration to create the five supervisor districts.  In addition, we supported the cities of Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, and Marion with their redistricting/reprecincting.

We provided GIS/Mapping support to the Iowa Secretary of State when his office needed help in creating a statewide precinct map, which benefited the Iowa Caucuses and continues to benefit the political parties. We are negotiating an agreement with the Secretary of State to provide on-going GIS/Mapping support for the state-wide precinct map.

We work closely with each of the seventeen (17) cities and twelve (12) school districts in Linn County to support their regular and special elections.

We provided technical/contract support to several Linn County labor unions by assisting them with six (6) union elections from 2008 through 2011.

GIS/Mapping/Real Estate Services: We continue to support the Linn County Sheriff’s Sex Offender Map and have done so since I became Auditor.

We are presently supporting the Sheriff’s, Cedar Rapids Police Department’s, and Marion Police Department’s E911 (enhanced 911)/CAD (computer aided dispatch) project – basically, an upgrade of the CRPD’s existing CAD system and a complete overhaul of the Sheriff’s CAD system.

We support the County and City Assessors by providing owner information and real property legal descriptions. We support the backend system that provides the County Assessor with the CSR (corn suitability rating) used to value agricultural property.

We supported Linn County Conservation by hiring a summer intern who mapped out trails, campsites, and Conservation owned infrastructure.

We supported Linn County Public Health when they mapped out tobacco outlets, STD incidents, and lead poisoning incidents as part of the Linn Healthy Behaviors grant.

We continue to support the Public Health’s Air Quality Division by providing mapping services that support the open burn permitting process.

We provide as-needed support for the Linn County Emergency Management Agency chaired by Sheriff Brian Gardner. We provided massive mapping support for the Agency, its members, and State and federal agencies during the Flood of 2008.

We support Linn County Planning & Development by proofing new subdivisions prior to them being recorded and helped them create their LESA (land evaluation & site assessment) tool, which assists them with land use and zoning.

We (GIS, Deputy Auditor Gordon Thomson, and Property Tax Manager John Adams) have teamed up with the County Assessor, County Treasurer, and IT Department to create the new Linn County Land Management System aka the Manatron/GRM Project – a system that will replace a 30 year old costly, mainframe computer system.

Property Tax and Valuation Services: We work with every taxing entity in Linn County, i.e., every city, school district, fire district, and township on their budgets or bond issues. John Adams, Gordon Thompson, and select IT personnel create an annual valuation report which is used by every taxing entity in Linn County.

Accounting Services: Daily, we work with every office and department in Linn County government to get invoices and employees paid accurately and on-time.

Facilities Services: Daily, we provide custodial and maintenance services for each of the County’s major buildings. We operate a help desk for internal customers which has tracked and closed 24,090 requests for service since its inception on 4/29/2009.

We have partnered with Cedar Rapids Public Works to acquire brine solution for treating sidewalks in the winter months. We have partnered with the City of Cedar Rapids Facilities Department to piggyback onto their energy monitoring system.

Under my leadership, the Office of Auditor has formed partnerships which have produced results in the past, are producing results in the present, and will continue to produce results in the future.

We are professionals and we realize disagreements will occur. We work together … as a team … for the benefit of Linn County and the taxpayers. We get work done … every day.

To my opponents I say again, “Where is your proof?”

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