Jury summons forms contradict voter registration forms

Lying on a jury summons form (JSF) is against the law (Code of Iowa Chapter 607A.7) and lying on a voter registration form (VRF) is against the law (Chapter 39A.2). So why would someone indicate they were a US citizen on a VRF and indicate they were a non-US citizen on a JSF?

A recent complaint to my office identified three individuals whose answers to the US citizen questions on the JSF and VRF contradicted each other. An investigation by the Linn County Sheriff concluded that two of the three individuals erred in indicating they were non-US citizens on the JSF.  The third individual was not a US citizen even though he had voted in a 2012 election and he remains registered to vote.  We are attempting to contact the third individual to ask him to unregister to vote assuming he has not been recently naturalized.

Can these three individuals be charged with answering the US citizenship questions in error? Unlikely.  Why?  Because evidence of intent must exist and intent cannot be proven at this time.  Note, the statute of limitations has expired on the vote cast in 2012.

Going forward, my office will review the Linn County District Court’s JSFs and compare those with non-US citizen responses to our voter registration records. Any future contradictions between the JSFs and VRFs will be turned over to the Sheriff to investigate.

I hope the Linn County residents incorrectly answering the citizenship questions on the JSFs and VRFs merely erred and did not harbor any intent to shirk their duty to serve on juries or to vote when they did not have the right to vote.

Thank you pruntyld@netamumail.com for bringing this issue to my attention!  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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