Expect long lines on Election Day

Vote early in the Auditor’s Office on Saturday (11/5) 8am-5pm and on Monday 8am-5pm.

We have 154,358 registered voters in Linn County.  I’m predicting about 40,000 of them will have voted before Election Day.  We have 86 precincts.  I’m predicting a record breaking 78% turnout for this election.

Do the math:

78% (turnout) of 154,358 (registered voters) = 120,400 voters voting

120,400 – 40,000 (early voters) = 80,400 (voters voting on Election Day)

80,400 / 86 (precincts) = 935 voters per precinct on Election Day

935 / 14 (hours polls open; 7am-9pm) – 67 voters per hour per polling place

Unfortunately, not all precincts have the same population.  Iowa law states that no precinct can contain more than 3500 residents after being reapportioned after the census; however, some of the township precincts and rural cities have less than 3500 residents.

Prediction:  The Cedar Rapids metro precincts will have up to 100 voters per hour showing up to vote; and if those voters arrive in waves, there will be lines in the polling places.

Request #1:  If you’ve made up your mind on how to vote, I encourage you to vote tomorrow (Saturday) from 8am-5pm in the Auditor’s Office.

Request #2:  If you have to wait in line on Election Day, please be patient.

Request #3:  If you voted early, stay away from the polls on Election Day.

Request #4:  If you have an absentee ballot in-hand, fill it out, and mail it back (confirm it’s postmarked on or before 11/7) or drop it off at our office BEFORE 9pm on Election Day.  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


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