Russian agents tried to hack Iowa

Want to create havoc during the upcoming 2018 gubernatorial election? Hack into the statewide voter registration system and randomly delete a mere 10,000 active voters.

Imagine your grandparents showing up to vote as they have for 50 years and being told they are not registered to vote? Think lines, think anger, think confusion… and think frustrated voters leaving the polls without voting. “Mission accomplished” – way to go ‘bad actor’!

I hired ProCircular to conduct a cybersecurity audit of Linn County Election Services; I have sent staff to cybersecurity training and conferences; and I have and I am attending cybersecurity training and conferences, e.g., at this week’s Iowa Technology Summit.

What is the Iowa Secretary of State doing to keep our election systems safe? Has he hired outside “white hat” firms to audit our election systems? 2016 safeguards – see attached – are not going to be good enough in 2018. What’s the plan? Is there a plan? -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


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