Safeguarding our election infrastructure

A previous post indicates the Russians tried to hack Iowa’s voter registration system or election websites in Iowa. That news confirms my office made the right decision to hire a cybersecurity firm to conduct an audit of our election infrastructure.

Well, the audit is almost complete and I was about to request a written report when it dawned on me that the written report would become an open record – a public record – and available to good people and “bad guys” – as soon as I received it. So I spend $5,000 of your tax dollars on an audit and receive a written report, which may spell out Linn County’s vulnerabilities in its election infrastructure, and by law I have to hand it over to the bad guys, if they ask. This sounds similar to the story about the NSA contractor storing government secrets on his home computer which were later stolen.

In that story, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Armed Services Committee, chastised the spy agency in a statement: “It’s a lot harder to beat your opponent when they’re reading your playbook, and it’s even worse when someone on your team gives it to them. If these reports are true, Russia has pulled that off.”

I do not want to hand over a written report or any public record which provides enough specifics on our election infrastructure and its vulnerabilities that it could be used to harm, degrade, or destroy the election infrastructure.

I created the attached Linn County Board of Supervisors resolution based upon my duty to protect the things that need to be protected from the bad guys who are out to harm our election infrastructure or our elections. The Board discussed this resolution today and it is on their Wednesday, October 11th agenda for discussion and possible approval. If you have any comments for me, you can email me or <a href="mailto:bd_supervisors, or attend the Board meeting at 10AM and speak during the first public comment period. Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Resolution Regarding Protecting Election Infrastructure – Final.docx

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