Hacker study: Russia could get into U.S. voting machines

ProCircular, the firm I hired to conduct a cybersecurity audit of Linn County’s election infrastructure forwarded the attached article from Politico (10/9/2017) to me. The part that caught my attention that may be related to the voting machines the County owns is: “Parts and programs that could easily be embedded with malware and sleeper commands are being incorporated from all over the world, from suppliers and shippers without clear security measures. That easily opens the possibility that a country with large resources and a long-term view—like Russia—could get access”.

I will be awaiting the release of the findings, which unfortunately the “bad guys” will be also be privy to. Then again, the bad guys probably know more about our vulnerabilities than our State and Federal election officials have shared with us. That needs to change since it’s local officials who administer the nation’s elections AND NOT State and Federal officials. –Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Hacker study_ Russia could get into U.S.pdf

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