@LisbonCSD voters set a high bar for future voters

Great news! Only 5 of the 560 voters voting at the polling place in yesterday’s (2/6) Lisbon Community School District (LCSD) election could NOT produce a required ID. And those five non-ID holders voted after signing an additional oath – see attached.

Was the Lisbon election representative of the forthcoming 2018 elections in terms of non-ID holders versus ID holders? Probably not. But kudos to the LCSD’s voters for being prepared to vote by bringing an ID. Five of 560 voters means less than one percent of the voters did not have an acceptable form of ID and that’s way less than I expected.

About ten days ago, we hosted a satellite voting station at the LCSD High School and 250 voters voted and only two showed up without an ID. Turns out both of them had driver’s licenses on record, which allowed them to vote a regular ballot.

Requiring #voterID in a precinct with a college or university could result in a different outcome, but the performance of LCSD’s voters gives me hope 1> that the word is getting out that an ID is required and 2> that producing an ID is not insurmountable.

LCSD’s voters set a high bar for future voters in the 2018 elections. Congratulations @LisbonCSD voters on being engaged in your local government, knowing the issues, and voting in your election! – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

2018 ID oath.pdf

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