Letter to the editor and my rebuttal

On 6/30/2018, a letter criticizing my job as Linn County Auditor was published in The Gazette.  You can read it here.

On 7/5/2018, my rebuttal was published in The Gazette.  It reads:

Response to Gary Thompson’s June 30 letter “Joel Miller should focus on doing his job”:

Did some precinct election officials, or PEOs, make mistakes on Election Day? Yes. Did they correct their mistakes? Yes. Am I responsible for their mistakes? Yes.

Did any of the mistakes affect the election results? No. I encourage you to become a PEO and work a 16-hour Election Day along with Supervisor John Harris, who recently signed up to work an election. You can apply online.

I do not subscribe to the premise that unless you are perfect, you cannot question another person or another elected official. No one is perfect.

Do I question other elected officials? Yes. For example, I am questioning the Iowa Secretary of State on why the elections infrastructure in 20 to 30 of Iowa’s counties is not being monitored for hackers.  Continue reading…. 

I plan to respond to any and all future letters to the editor that are critical of the Office of Linn County Auditor, its employees, or precinct election officials.  I will respond with facts that can be substantiated.  You are welcome to contact me at Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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