Trick or treat: Did you vote yet?

Today, a voter stopped me in the hallway to ask about a person who knocked on his door yesterday.  According to what I heard the voter say, the conversation went something like this …

Young man:  According to my list, you are a registered Republican and you have not voted.

Voter:  I am a life long registered Democrat.

Young man:  Can I see your voter registration card?

Voter:  Here’s my Warren County voter registration card.  See, it says I am a Democrat.  I am registered to vote in Linn County, but this is the one I happen to have in my wallet.

Young man:  Warren County?

Voter:  Yes.

Young man:  Thank you!

The young man left and the voter came into the office and voted today, and then saw me and asked about the incident.  I told the voter that I had no knowledge of anyone knocking on doors and asking to see a voter’s voter registration card.

Trick or treat:  May I see your voter registration card?  Did you vote yet?  It’s Halloween.  Get ready for some strange questions at your door tonight.  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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