Pate targeting Democratic county auditors

6/14/2021 update: On 5/28/2021, the Secretary of State (SoS) issued a 12th technical infraction (TA) to a Democratic county auditor. Thus far, 75% of the TAs known by the author to have been issued by the SoS have been issued to Democrats.


Iowa’s current Secretary of State is targeting Iowa’s Democratic county auditors & commissioners of elections.  How did I draw this conclusion?

Fact:  Iowa has 99 county auditors – 68 are registered Republicans, 28 are Democrats, and 3 are No Party.

Fact:  The current Secretary of State has issued eleven (11) technical infractions – 6 to Democratic county auditors, 2 to the Iowa Democratic Party, and 3 to Republican county auditors.

So while Republican county auditors out number Democratic county auditors by more than two to one, the current Secretary of State issued technical infractions to Democratic county auditors at twice the rate he issued them to Republican county auditors. 

Yet, no county auditor received a technical infraction in the aftermath of the recount of votes in the Miller-Meeks v Hart recount even though errors were discovered.

And the only county to receive a technical infraction for not having enough polling places open on a recent (3/2/2021) election day was Scott County Auditor Roxanne Moritz, when it’s a poorly kept secret that the Secretary of State’s Office is fully aware of other non-compliant counties.

In Iowa, we pride ourselves on administering justice fairly.  That is not happening in our current elections environment.  Democratic county auditors are being targeted by the Secretary of State. Posted by Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections  

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