Make voting easy again

By Joel Miller – Exploring a run for Iowa Secretary of State in the June 2022 Democratic Primary Election – Update #1

MAKE VOTING EASY AGAIN.  That will be my mission if I am elected Iowa Secretary of State. 

What do I mean “easy again”?  Prior to 2021, Iowa set voter turnout records in both the 2020 primary election and the 2020 general election.  Voting was easy and secure during the pandemic, when a record number of voters voted by mail and voted early.

Then the majority Republicans in the Iowa House and Senate convened the 2021 legislative session and decided Iowa’s election laws needed to be changed to protect our elections from fraud.  Never mind that Iowa Republicans could not point out any massive fraud; and never mind that none of those Republican legislators were complaining about being elected with the aid of fraudulent votes.  These new election laws were based upon what people were gossiping about in other states, which never happened there or in Iowa.

The Iowa State Association of County Auditors created 2021 Election Law Changes for Iowa Voters.  It’s describes the changes that will affect voters who vote-by-mail – especially snowbirds and rural voters who depend on the United States Postal Service to deliver their absentee ballot request forms to county auditors, as well as, absentee ballots mailed from Auditors’ Offices to voters’ homes and mailed back to Auditors’ Offices by voters. (CONTINUED)

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