I will pay back every donor if

I have seen a few tweets regarding my fundraising. I have a few thoughts to share.

I have been out fundraised in every election except for my first election in 2007.

I was primaried in 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020. My opponents raised more money, at times, twice as much, than I did in each election. I won each time.

Whoever faces off against incumbent Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate – the assumed Republican nominee – will have to face an incumbent who can drop $250,000 or more into his campaign at any given time. Pate is a wealthy person. But as former New Jersey Senate president Steve Sweeney found out, the candidate with the most money does not always win.

I started exploring a run for Secretary of State (SoS) in early 2021. I did not formally announce my candidacy until 9/16/2021, after giving others an opportunity to formally announce on or before Labor Day – a well-known milestone for candidates to announce. No one announced on or before that day.

I am an “actions speak louder than words” kind of guy. If I am going to ask you to invest in my campaign, then I need to be able to tell you what I have done and what I am doing. And you should be able to easily corroborate what I have done or what I have been doing – see IN THE NEWS on the footer of my Home page.

To date, I have visited or Zoomed into 34 counties – usually, central committee meetings.  My goal is to visit/Zoom into sixty-six counties before the June primary election, and to visit the remainder before voting begins in the general election.

In October 2021, I hired a team to get signatures on nomination petitions with the goal of becoming the first statewide candidate to file the paperwork required to get on the ballot. The new minimum signature requirement for an SoS candidate is:  seventy-seven signatures from eighteen counties with a minimum of 2500 signatures statewide.

I am concerned that some Democratic candidates may not get enough signatures – no matter how much money they raise – to get on the ballot. I will not be one of those candidates.

Which means, I will not be spending much time on fundraising UNTIL I have filed my paperwork to get on the ballot, i.e., on or about 2/28/2022.

Four years ago, a prominent Iowa candidate did not turn in enough signatures to get on the ballot after raising tens of thousands of dollars.

When the filing deadline arrives on 3/18/2022, the only thing worse than not getting on the ballot would be to have to pay back disappointed donors. I will pay back every donor in the event I do not get on the ballot.

Want to help all Democratic candidates? Attend the caucuses and sign EVERY candidate’s nomination petition once and only once.

Want to help my campaign? Print out my nomination petition, fill-in the name of your county, and ask your family and friends to sign it.  And then mail the original petition to:

M4SOS – PO Box 11221 – Cedar Rapids, IA  52410

Once I have gained access to the ballot, I may ask you to invest in my campaign. I will explain what I have done, what I am doing, and what I plan to do.

Hopefully, I am the person you want to be your next Secretary of State.


Joel Miller – Democratic candidate for Iowa Secretary of State





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